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At Lavish Global Imports Ltd. we source a carefully selected range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of high quality, in order to provide you with the best range of products and services available in the industry.

Our focus brands in our import market of Thailand and in South East Asia are:

Ghost Vodka
Luxuria Water

These brands appear as primary growth drivers and are therefore the top brands for our business. These brands have proven to be very successful due to their differentiation and brand strength, as well as the general appeal to consumers. We invest a lot of our time in creating and maintaining relations to our clients and consumers, but while doing so we also pay special attention to local cultural requirements and in dealing respectfully with people as well as long-term trusting partnerships with local distributors. If you are unable to find the product you require, feel free to contact us, so we can source it for you.

About Lavish Global Imports

Lavish Global Imports Ltd. has been established in Phuket, Thailand just recently and has been very busy importing renowned alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to Thailand ever since. The strategic activities of Lavish Global Imports Ltd. include the expansion of export business, as well as the exclusive sales of third-party brands in Thailand (import business).
Our hard liquor include the new brand Ghost Vodka.

We are always here to serve you with these international brands of beverages and are constantly looking to develop relations with our partners and clientele further.

We strive to source only the highest quality luxury products available in order to provide our customers the best possible range and service in the industry. If you are unable to find the product you require, contact us now to source it for you.

our motto is

“ Bringing together a carefully selected range of luxury beverages to the broad market one bottle at a time ”


Ghost Vodka is an super-premium British made vodka. Made with an eye for detail, Ghost is both striking and imposing. Ghost was created with a vision to create an edgy yet elegant, pure and refined vodka.

We infuse our British heritage and luxury ingredients together to bring you this unique and outstanding ultra-premium vodka.

In a world where true quality has become merely a mirage, Ghost Vodka delivers a truly luxury finish with visual echoes of the apothecary’s treasure trove of precious potions and liquors.

Recognised instantly by our skull, Ghost Vodka whets the appetite for those who dare to be discerning and choose choice and individuality over common following. Individuality is an attribute we admire, value and nurture.

Our love for vodka and bringing people together is what spurs our intent to continue bringing a pure and refined vodka of this calibre to the world.



Champagne D.ROCK is produced by a small, idyllic family business located in the Champagne region, France. It’s a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, that grow on local vineyards and get hand-picked every year. Then the grapes get pressed by a traditional Coquart press, which is slower than modern membrane presses, but much more gentle.

The white Chardonnay grapes are very popular, because of their fresh and delicious flavour. The darker Pinot Noir has a special bouquet and a remarkable texture – the grapes are dark blue, but have a much brighter must. “A floral character with a hint of honey and lime” is the best description for our delicious champagne, which doesn’t only stand out because of its great taste, but also because of its handmade golden bottle. After all we not only strive to create uniqueness in taste, but also in design. That’s why every single one of our black, slightly frosted bottles gets studded with over 1000 crystals. We use synthetic “Luk-Dymand” crystals, assembled carefully by hand on smooth velveteen. These crystals have a unique sparkle and a living play of colors, but still are very robust. After the crystals are in place on the velveteen, a specially trained employee attaches the whole piece to the bottle.

So every bottle truly is unique. If you compare two D.ROCK bottles side by side, you can see little diffences in the crystal logo like color, sparkle and texture. Only one thing stays always the same: the content – multifaceted, breathtaking and smooth.



Gold Luxury Drink® is made from the finest ingredients. Gold Luxury Drink® achieves astonishing depth of flavor in just one can allowing the drink to retain the unique character acquired during the preparation process. Our master barman artfully allows only the absolute best flowers in order to find its way into every can of Gold Luxury Drink®, creating a subtle taste profile with unrivaled smoothness.

Displayed in a stunning bespoke designed can made from highest-quality with the characteristic lingot design distinguishing mark of Gold Luxury Drink®


The finest hand-selected flowers are carefully chosen at peak ripeness to craft this exceptional Luxury Energy Drink. Enjoy it pure on the rocks or simply mix with your favorite spirit.

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